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Brookfield Renewable UK Limited (BRUK) is developing the Larbrax Wind Farm on the North Rhins Peninsula in Wigtownshire. The wind farm will have installed capacity of approximately 20 MW, comprising of eight turbines with a generating life of up to 25 years.


Site Location
Stranraer, United Kingdom

Latest Updates

  • February 2018: Following Dumfries and Galloways refusal of the S42 application, Brookfield Renewable submitted an appeal to the Scottish Governments Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA)
  • April 2018: Brookfield Renewable submitted a S42 to extend the planning permission lifetime and increase the proposed tip height of the turbines from 100m to 110m
  • November 2018: The S42 application to extend the planning consent lifetime and increase in allowed tip height was refused by Dumfries and Galloway council
  • 2017: Brookfield Renewable are working to optimise the consented wind farm layout, finalise the development programme, liaise with local stakeholders and look forward to commencing the next stages of development
  • October 2016: The Scottish Government’s Directorate for Planning & Environmental Appeals (DPEA) approved proposals by Brookfield Renewable UK to develop the 20 MW Larbrax Wind Farm
  • September 2014: The Larbrax Wind Farm Skills Fund announced. Which will see BRUK working with Dumfries and Galloway College to develop a new energy education center at Stranraer Campus

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As a long-term owner, operator and developer of renewable assets, Brookfield Renewable believes it is important to be an active partner in the communities in which we develop projects and operate. In Scotland, we offer a community benefit programme committed to supporting communities close to our wind farm sites and we are keen to support local community projects wherever we can.

BRUK will pay £5,000 per MW of installed capacity into a community development fund annually over the lifetime of the wind farm.

Key to our continued growth, is thorough consultation and engagement with the people who live and work near our projects.

A dedicated community Liaison Group (CLG) was established for Larbrax Wind Farm to ensure that the proposed development involves local people, takes account of their views and explores opportunities to create long-term economic benefit.

The Larbrax CLG is comprised of members from the following five community groups:

  • Stranraer Community Council
  • Kirkcolm Community Council
  • Portpatrick Community Council
  • Stoneykirk Community Council
  • Leswalt Community Association

Brookfield has an offer in place whereby the local communities surrounding the project have the opportunity to purchase a stake of up to 30% in the Larbrax Wind Farm. This forms part of our ongoing desire to ensure our proposal will fully empower the surrounding communities to be involved in Scotland’s renewable energy supply, and gain the associated long-term economic benefits.

The creation of the Larbrax Wind Farm Skills Fund, was announced in July 2014. It will see the company working closely with Dumfries and Galloway College to explore additional educational opportunities and develop a new educational energy centre at Stranraer Campus – helping to reinforce the College’s existing offering in Stranraer and fulfil local skills gaps.

For more information regarding community development, please contact us:


  • October 2016: The Larbrax Wind Farm was granted planning consent by the Scottish Government
  • November 2015: Following Dumfries and Galloway Council’s refusal of the plans for Larbrax, an appeal was submitted to the Scottish Government
  • July 2014: The original planning application for Larbrax Wind Farm was submitted to Dumfries and Galloway Council

Wind Power

Wind is one of the world’s fastest growing renewable energy sources and has become a major component in the energy mix. Wind power is clean, cost effective and does the same job as fossil fuels but generates less waste.

Scotland is one of Europe’s strongest wind resources creating significant potential for the deployment of wind power.

This trend is expected to continue as:

  • The costs of wind energy continue to fall
  • Threats to energy security persist across the globe
  • The need to tackle climate change becomes increasingly urgent

Further information about wind energy can be found in our Resources Section.