PNE Wind UK Commits to Collaborating With Dumfries and Galloway College

PNE Wind UK, has announced the creation of the Larbrax Wind Farm Skills Fund, which will see the company working closely with Dumfries and Galloway College to explore additional educational opportunities and develop a new educational energy centre at Stranraer Campus – helping to reinforce the College’s existing offer in Stranraer and fulfil local skills gaps

Since early 2014, PNE has been working with the College to identify ways in which the Stranraer College Campus can grow and deliver a range of new programmes to benefit the local economy and community. The agreement, signed 24th September, will see PNE provide financial support from funds associated with the Larbrax Wind Farm.

Gemma Hamilton, Project Manager for PNE Wind UK, commented:

“PNE is committed to working with the College to deliver this regional funding and provide young people with further opportunities and enhanced employment prospects.

We are very keen to demonstrate the socio-economic benefits that onshore wind developments can bring to local areas. We hope that the people of the Rhins of Galloway will be able to make use of this learning facility in the future.”

Andy Wright, Vice Principal of Dumfries and Galloway College, commented:

“This initiative fits well with the College’s strategic aim to provide further employment and workforce development opportunities to learners in the Stranraer area whilst addressing skills shortages locally.

We look forward to working closely with PNE to explore additional educational opportunities at the Stranraer Campus and reinforce our existing offer in Stranraer.”

Further Information:

The PNE proposals for Larbrax Wind Farm consist of eight turbines (100m to tip height) and will generate approximately 20 MW of installed capacity.

The plans are set to generate up to £100,000 in community benefit (at £5,000 per MW) annually over the 25 year lifetime of the wind farm.

The financial support for the College will come from funds primarily associated with Larbrax Wind Farm and secondly associated with other onshore wind farms being developed by PNE Wind UK within Dumfries and Galloway.

Should the proposed Larbrax Wind Farm be consented, PNE will create the ‘Larbrax Wind Farm Skills Fund’ which will amount to approximately £200,000.

The Larbrax Wind Farm Skills Fund will be in addition to the Larbrax Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.